Space was available in Boomerang’s new headquarters, which were under construction at the time, but there was no design, equipment, or even proper provision for power & services in the designated part of the building. And Boomerang needed the studio to be designed, built & operational within a few months of winning the contract.

The solution

Boomerang’s original brief, which they put out to tender, was for a server-based studio with an entirely file-based workflow, but after consulting the MHz team, they agreed that the available budget was insufficient to do this concept justice. MHz drafted a more cost-effective alternative design for the production studio, employing three Sony cameras (one manned, two remotely operated) & maintaining some of the file-based operation of the original concept by using an affordable tapeless Grass Valley Turbo disk-based video recorder as well as more traditional Sony Betacam VTRs. AVID video & 360 Systems Shortcut audio editing systems were included to allow the preparation of pre-recorded segments for use in the middle of live transmissions, & the completed facility was connected to S4C’s transmission centre by means of a dark-fibre link.

Why MHz?

From the moment they were awarded the contract from the half-a-dozen companies that tendered for the new Boomerang studio, MHz managed the entire project, not only designing the system, procuring the equipment and constructing the custom furniture required to house it, but also liaising with and coordinating Boomerang’s architects, heating and electrical contractors during the construction phase of the project. According to Richard Moss, who oversaw the studio installation for the Boomerang+ group, MHz won this contract partly on the strength of this ability, and partly because the quote for realising the entire project, from design through to installation and staff training, was very competitive. The studio was completed on time and budget, leaving time for full staff training before production of Planed Plant switched to Boomerang.

Business Benefits

Tight budgets need not limit a project

MHz’s design experts can often suggest cost-effective alternatives.

In-house efficiencies

Time is money, and MHz’s in-house engineers and craftsmen save you both. We don’t have to use expensive sub-contractors, and can deliver complex broadcast systems to tight deadlines.

End-to-end project management

MHz can oversee all aspects of project implementation, including design, build, installation and training, and providing a single responsible point of contact.

Featured Technologies

  • Sony DXC-D55 WSPL cameras
  • Grass Valley Kayak DD1 Switcher
  • Recording to Sony Betacam VTRs or tapelessly to Grass Valley Turbo IDDR
  • Avid system for video editing of pre recorded material
  • 360 Systems Shortcut & Yamaha DM1000 for audio editing & mixing

What our customers say...

  • "Thank you; your team has built us an outstanding Satellite, production vehicle that will move us forward into the changing market place."

    5 out of 5

    Andrew Jones - Globecast

  • "Both projects are of excellent engineering design and meet very high technical standards. Technical Specifications set in Tenders were met and the coordination and project management between CyBC and Megahertz engineering teams were perfect."

    5 out of 5

    Grigoris Maliotis - PIK

  • “Megahertz has always been grounded in solid, practical broadcast engineering skills,”

    “We have worked closely together, of course, but I have been able to let them get on with the job safe in the knowledge that they had anticipated all the problems and pinch points. The move was seamless.”

    5 out of 5

    Dave Stewart - ETV (Pty) Ltd

  • "Thank you for looking after my team during this and all the other acceptance weeks. I am very pleased with the end result of these vehicles and I continue to believe that we have an excellent partnership when it comes to the build and ongoing maintenance of BT's TVOB vehicles."

    5 out of 5

    Neil Spencer - BT

  • "In my many years of OB and build projects I can say without hesitation that this project has been the most successful that I have been involved with which again is due in no small part to you and your team."

    5 out of 5

    Mick Both - RaceTECH

  • "Today we had an open day for the new truck & our colleagues were very impressed.
    The truck looks great, thank you to everyone who worked on this project."

    5 out of 5

    Mark Woodyatt - Head of Operations - Globecast

  • "Both pojects awarded to you following public Tenders, have been completed by Megahertz in due time and within very tight time limits for the Cyprus Presidency of the European Council."

    5 out of 5

    Grigoris Maliotis - PIK

  • "I want you to receive from me, and from the ViVe team, our sincerely appreciation for your professionalism to leading your team on both projects, and for your effort understanding our needs and providing solutions."

    5 out of 5

    Eduardo Rojas - ViVe TV

  • “Any project which involves picking up eight busy channels and moving them across town is always going to be a challenge on a knife-edge,”

    “Even while the planning and moving is happening, we still have a station to run and channels to put out. So we needed a partner we could trust to come in and take responsibility for the move."

    5 out of 5

    Dave Stewart - ETV (Pty) Ltd