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Support: Headliner

+44 (0)1353 658909


Customers are able to telephone a dedicated service Engineer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During normal UK office hours, the Customer will be connected with the Service Engineer immediately. Outside these hours, the Customer will be requested to leave a message and an Engineer will return the call, usually within 30 minutes.


The Service Engineer will have access to all of the technical information relating to the Project and the Service History of the System.
In due course, the Service Engineer will be able to organise the return, exchange, or repair of any faulty equipment, as appropriate.


All equipment manufactured by Megahertz Ltd is fully covered for both parts and labour during the Contracted Warranty Period, on a return to factory basis where practical. MHz passes on to the Customer the standard manufacturers Warranty for all other items of equipment, unless otherwise stated in the Sales Contract.
Only equipment and installation services supplied by Megahertz Ltd as part of the original Sales Contract (and any subsequent amendments) can be covered by this Service Contract).

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This Service is provided "free of charge" during the Warranty Period stated in the Sales Contract. After this period it would be the subject of an annual charge.

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