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Roughly 50% of the work we do each year is in fixed installations for broadcast production and infrastructure.
We have designed and built systems over the years that cover every element of the broadcast transmission chain in television and radio. We get involved in all aspects of the project from building design, power systems and air conditioning through to audio-visual systems, IP networking, RF and even furniture.


Megahertz are probably best known for bespoke vehicle conversions; We have built bespoke solutions for customers that have driven, shipped and even flown them all over the world.
The engineering and coachbuilding teams take care every aspect of the design in house. With a well equipped wood and metalwork facilities in our factory in Ely, we can build bespoke components to safely fit equipment into your vehicle.
We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and consider every aspect of your operational needs and comfort while you work.
Our team have produced ground-breaking power systems for vehicles that are unlike anything else on the road. While focusing efforts to reduce the impact our systems have on the environment our power systems now use less fuel, run quieter and deliver reliably for longer than the chassis will hold them.



We understand that making sense of all the technology choices that are available is difficult enough, without having to consider how every piece is going to connect with ever other. Megahertz have always been an independent system integrator with no obligation to support any manufacturer; We’ll offer unbiased advice and solutions for integrating your new and existing systems.

We can offer our services to assist with:

 - Technology exploration

 - High level system architecture

 - Up front cost analysis

 - Weight, power and heat calculations

 - Return on investment and Total cost of ownership calculations.

We can provide reports on our findings at any level of detail and deliver presentations to all stakeholders.


We have decades of experience installing RF systems for communications, WiFi, COFDM and satellite Tx/Rx. We have installed 7M parabolic antennas in the middle east and entire satellite farms in Europe. May of the vehicles we build have off-air reception, wireless cameras and VSAT antennas.
We offer support for existing antenna systems including repairs to motorisations and control systems.
We are able to install, configure and refurbish RF over fibre converters, RF distribution and switching, including configuration of network management and monitoring systems.



We have delivered vehicle power systems for our customers for decades, ultra-quiet diesel generators in DSNGs to three phase diesel gensets on rigid chassis lorries. Since 2015 we have built more than 50 vehicles that run entirely on batteries.
In the last five years we have moved from diesel generators to full lithium-Ion battery solutions. Our aim has been to try and reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicles. The added advantage of going with hybrid and fully electric technical power solutions is that they save on maintenance and fuel.
We estimate that the total cost of ownership of a hybrid or battery power solution could be half that of an equivalent diesel generator.



MHz’s quality of support continues after delivery of any system, with the provision of their "24 hour/7 day Telephone Support Helpline" service.

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